Android Sync Custom Lease Monthly Subscription

$1,049.99 / 30 days

Hassle Free Options!  Not in the US – No problem!  We have created a managed lease program that gives you the option of sending through a SIM and we handle all the heavy stuff of maintaining phone subscription, installing the Android application to sync your number to the SMSGATEZ Portal.  All you have to do is import your data, create message and send.



HASSLE FREE!  Lease up to 6 (Six) Android Mobile Devices per Monthly SMSGatez Mobile SMS Subscriptions.  No muss, no fuss of managing phone, updates, and maintaining a live connection so not to miss any inbox response.  Perfect for anyone that is not in the US or just no time for tasks.  We have you covered.  We will manage a monthly subscription through our wireless provider, handle updates to the application and android device.  Choose one device or up to 6 devices per SMSGATEZ texting account.

Additional information

Number of Devices

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


50K, 100K, Unlimited