SMS Lead Generation Software

A cost-effective solution to help businesses reach a vast audience via efficient lead generation campaigns.
There are many ways to generate leads and keep them warm. SMS marketing, however, is the most affordable. SMS campaigns tend to yield prompt response with a justified return on marketing investment. SMSGatez brings you a solution to help you design lead generation campaigns using one of the most preferred mode of communication by customers – texting.

What Our SMS Lead Generation Software Offers

Personalized Messages

Being reached out by a company with a message having a robotic tone is a huge let down for your leads. SMSGatez enables you to draft messages for your leads with a personal touch. Design personalized templates that can be easily customized to give your leads the attention they deserve.

Opt-Ins & Opt-Outs

It’s rude and desperate to reach out to someone without their permission beforehand. This not only increases the likelihood of you losing the leads for good but also violates the TCPA guidelines. SMSGatez enables you to take opt-ins or consent from your leads – letting them know that you’re a true gentleman.

Real-Time Reporting

Our lead generation solution enables you to track deliveries and open rates to help you gauge the success of your mass texting campaigns. This also helps you exclude leads that have successfully received your messages from subsequent campaigns so you may not bombard your potential customers with repeated texts.

Automation & Trigger Keywords

SMSGatez has a Set and Forget philosophy. Our lead generation software enables you to identify keywords from the messages received by your leads. These keywords can be used to send automated messages, replies, and updates to potential customers without having to draft text copies over and over.


Take your lead nurturing to a whole new level by enabling replies to your messages. Empower your potential customers to interact with you and share their queries before making a purchase decision. We know! Responding to thousands of messages can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Our autoresponder triggers a response from your side automatically – using the templates drafted by you based on the trigger keywords.

Bring Your Own Route

If you already have an SMS service provider and are just looking for an app to help you design mass texting campaigns for your leads then SMSGatez is here to help. Why reinvent the wheel – wasting tons of money and time – trying to design an app when you can simply integrate APIs of your SMS service provider with our lead generation software and have it your way.

Perks of Using Our SMS Lead Generation Software


Yes. Our software is designed to facilitate you with lead generation and nurturing using one of the most cost-effective tools of communication – SMS.
Yes. You will be able to take opt-ins and outs using our SMS lead generation software prior to sending your mass texting campaigns.
Yes. Our lead generation solution is best suited for a marketing agency along with SMEs and conglomerates operational in diverse industries.
Yes. Our lead generation software enables you to design mass text messaging campaigns and send messages in bulk to your target audience.
Lead generation via SMS can boost your open rate as the companies using mass texting as a way of interacting with their leads acknowledge up to 90% message delivery.
Yes. Our software enables you to automatically generate a sequence of texts – facilitating lead nurturing via drip campaigns.
SMSGatez is a web-based solution that helps you keep your leads warm without having to rely or download additional apps.
If you have any queries about our software, kindly fill out the form to be contacted and one of our representatives will reach out to you via phone/email/text. If you’re in dire need of assistance then you can also reach out to us right away via the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.