Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing


What is Affiliate Marketing and how can I do it too?


Affiliate marketing is now the most popular form of internet marketing and is responsible for many of the websites with the most traffic being driven by search engines. Affiliate marketing is essentially a kind of performance-based advertising in which a company rewards one or more affiliates per visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates marketing efforts. For example, if you are an affiliate, and are running a campaign to sell x number of copies of a particular book, movie or software, then you can run your affiliate marketing campaign by rewarding yourself a commission, or a payout, for every product that is sold. However, it is important to understand that what you will be cashing in on is not a direct sale from the company. The compensation is simply an amount that the affiliate receives for the performance of their marketing.

It is best to understand the whole picture of affiliate marketing before getting into the purchase process. This includes understanding how the commissions are calculated. Most of us only see the commission structure and do not delve into how this is calculated or how the affiliates actually make money from the marketing.

Affiliates will receive a certain portion of the CPA (cost per click) that they are able to capture through the links that they place on their websites. The merchants (stores/commerce websites) pay the affiliates a specific amount of money for each individual sale that occurs through the site’s links. When we refer to CPA, this is referring to the cost per action, meaning that you will only get commissions, when an action like clicking on a link happens.

An affiliate management system helps to provide merchants with a platform in which to manage the relationships between affiliates and merchants. The program is built around a standardized set of modules. These modules include things like sales tax management, link building, ad buying and affiliate management. Merchants may specify a certain amount of affiliate fees that they want to pay out. The third-party network (like Voluum and Avidi) handles the rest of the work for both parties. This gives merchants and affiliates a level playing field and keeps the system running smoothly.

Marketing programs that provide a sales commission for each sale are becoming more popular. These programs offer affiliate income in addition to cash payments from customers. For example, if a customer buys a product you have an affiliate account with, then you can promote that product using the same affiliate link as the product. This is the easiest way to receive commissions on sales.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative if you follow the right steps to get started. Following these 4 steps will put you on your way to getting your first affiliate commissions. It really is as simple as that!

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Black Friday 2020

It’s Black Friday 2020
It is that time again…Getting ready for the Super Dealz, Big Thanksgiving Dinner, and Football.

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I am not even sure that we even put the focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving anymore.  It is all about shopping.  Black Friday advertising started very early this year.  Kinda reminded me of how we see Valentine’s candy out on the shelf the day after Christmas.

The US seems to be on the path to another lockdown, with more limitations to dining and gatherings being put back in place.  I have the countdown ticking off the minutes to Black Friday, but can you imagine social distancing when you cannot even find parking spots during primetime. This could be a real breeding ground for new Rona cases.

With the biggest buying day of the year coming up in less than 2 weeks, you may be feeling some pressure to get the word out on those special deals you got going on.  At SMS Gatez, we have been putting our heads together to bring you the best tools and deals to get you started.  BLACK FRIDAY IS COMING!


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SMS Biz Marketing 101

Market Strategies 101 says that there are just a few steps to successful marketing.

Who are you? What do you do?

Its already November and we have just had a historic Presidential election which has ended with many controversies and upsets.  I believe that this is the kind of change that will give a jump start to the failing US economy.  Many of us would have never dreamed of a global catastrophe that would cripple the world.  I do not want to dwell on the doom and gloom that the pandemic has brought to many doorsteps, but to remind us all that we can pick up the pieces (no matter how many) and get creative to get back on track.

Whether you are just starting out in the business world or are a seasoned professional you already know the ABCs of Marketing.


1 – Define who you are.  What are you selling?  What is your product?

2 – Who are you selling your products to?  Who is your main audience?

3 – Describe your services.

4 – What is your marketing strategy?  How will you promote your product?

5 – Learn who your competition is.  Are you in a saturated market?

6 – What makes your product better than the competition?

7 – Establish goals.  Riinse and repeat.

Well that sure sounds simple enough, but we know that business does not follow the text book and to be successful we have to think outside the box.  This means that you need to come up with a way to communicate with your current customers to keep them coming back and also to bring in new business.

Lets think about what is not working for business right now.  The days of marketing via the television and newspaper have evolved to digital marketing.  We now live in a digital world, more so than ever before which left many of us clueless when it came to setting up the home office and working from home during mandatory lockdowns.

Let me just introduce you to SMS Gatez for your business marketing needs.  SMS Gatez offers you Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Auto Responders, API Integrations, and so much more.

If you are looking for the best message delivery of your opt in data you will want to look at hosting your own devices with the SMS Gatez Unlimited Simdroid Subscription.  Utililizing the SMS Gatez Cloud Application gives you all of the tools necessary to send your marketing campaign to your customers.

SMS Gatez also gives you the option of purchasing wholesale messaging .  This is a more hands on opportunity giving you the maximum control to know what is going on with your text message campaign.  If you have ever subscribed to a service that downplays the importance of your delivery, then it is time to take the bull by the horns and manage your own wholesale account.  Know what is going on behind the scene.  Many times the middle man is not going to tell you when there is an issue with major providers, because it is not in their best interest.  They will lose too much money.

Integrations can be completed in 24 to 48 hours.

You will need to create an account with the route provider.  Take advantage of real wholesale pricing by setting up your own route.

SMS Gatez guides you to use the best practices to keep your campaigns compliant by also providing opportunites for scrubbing out the contacts that are on the Federal and State Do Not Call list.  If you have any questions about any of their services the SMS Gatez Support Team provide chat or phone support Monday through Saturday.

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Pandemic Bad to Worse

Friday the 13th for the Superstitious.  Are you already working from home?

We have helped many businesses become more automated in these unpredictable times. There is fear that the states are once more going to be mandating restrictions on business. Some of the most common comments I have heard are how the Rona Virus can tell time. How can Rona know its 9AM or 9PM, but we restrict the business hours. Enough of the sad and dismal realities that we are feeling daily when we watch or read the news feed.

So let’s talk about how SMS Gatez can help your business.

We are not like any other typical SMS texting service. We want you to succeed so we want to work with you to know your business needs. We walk you through the platform and help set up the system.

Our best value is Simdroid. You need to have your own Android SIM phone with your own subscription from a carrier. After you have activated your phone you are ready to install our small APK and sync your phone to the cloud. From there you will import your data, type a message and send it. Couldn’t be easier. Get your free account now.