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Hi Guys

Just wanted to share with you this tutorial for getting your Android phone synced with your Gatez Cloud..

The first step is to acquire a GSM Android Phone to use with your Cloud.  If you are looking at options to improve the deliverability of your messages and increase ROI then this could be the opportunity for you.  Yes, this is going to be a bit more hands on, but our staff will be here to help you with every step and overcome the techy stuff to get you on the way to profit. 

Hopefully you have signed up for your Cloud account already.  Lets get started.

Two ways to get the apk to your phone.  You can either download and install from the website by clicking on ‘Android Sync’ in the menu bar or by logging into your Gatez Cloud located here:  app.smsgatez.com.

In the Cloud you will go to Text on the left side menu.  Click on Settings.  Here you will select Add Your Android Phone!

Follow these steps to add the APK to your Android phone to Sync to the SMS Gatez Cloud. We will take you through the various screens you will see on your phone.


Step 1

Click the ‘Text’ option in the menu on your left, then select ‘Settings’


Step 2

Click the link ‘Add Your Android Phone’

Link to add your android phone

Step 3

Click the link to download the application

Steps to Download app with Qr Code

Step 4

Choose to Download the link to your device

Download link to your device

Step 5

Click OK to install the third party application to your device.

Notification pop up alert for deviceharmful

Step 6

Click OK which brings you to the next screen giving you the option to Open the file.

Open a new Window

Step 7

Install your Gatez application


Step 8

Your Gatez application is successfully installed to your device.

Successfully Intall Gatez application

Step 9

Click YES to prevent your device from going into sleep causing campaigns to pause.

Ignore Battery Optimization

Step 10

Your Gatez application is successfully whitelisted on your device and your are ready to Add On Extensions

Whitelisted your device

Step 11

Add Ons help in delivery and speed.  Each Add On increases delivery by 100 SMS Messages. Limit 1000/hr


Step 12

Confirms that you really want to install and reminds you of the access that the application prior to installing.

Confirm you really want to install application

Step 13

This is an unknown application source so you need to allow from this source. Each Add On will give the same nags.

Allow Google play protect

Step 14

Each Add On Extension will also ask to ignore battery optimization, click YES to stay connected to the Cloud.

Ignore Battery Optimization

Step 15

You will see that you have successfully whitelisted the Add On at the bottom of the screen.

Add on Installed Whitelist

Step 16

Rinse and Repeat Step 7 through Step 11.  SMSGatez has capped the send speed to 1000/hr per device.

Warning and repeat step 7

Step 17

REGISTER your device to sync with the SMSGatez Cloud.  A GSM device with an activated subscription required.

Whitelisted your device

Step 18

Fill the form with Phone Name and # +12223334444 SMSGatez credentials then click on REGISTER.

Register your Credentials

Step 19

Registration form is filled. If you are using multiple devices you may want to name by device or by carrier.

Registration form filled

Step 20

You Have Successfully Registered Your Device. Go to app.smsgatez.com to start sending.

Successfully Registered

Default SMS

You will need to set SMSGatez as your default application on your device.  Tap the shortcut here or Set in the Settings on your device.

Default SMS

Clean Inbox

Inbox cleaning is important to keep your campaigns running smoothly.  Some devices need a little help.

Schedule to clean inbox


Always check for the latest updates.  We are always making improvements to this application. Have suggestions or needs, please feel free to share.

Updating pop up

Refresh Log

This is where you will see details of what is sending on your campaign.  If you have questions or issues please Contact Us

Refresh Logs