SMS Gatez URL Shortener


The 'GOAL' is to get the best delivery possible. One tool that helps achieve this is the URL Shortener. It is important to make sure that the messages sent out are unique. Spin Tax, combined with the URL Shortener gives the ability to give extended life to SIMDROID numbers and domains.


Go to Settings

Follow these steps for setting up your domains to use.

Go to Settings

Click on ShortLinks

You will need to have your own domains to use our shortener.

Click Short Links

Buy A Domain or Add Your Own

You can do this from the Gatez Portal. Search for your choice of domain name and extension. For example:

Purchase Domain
Search Domain Pop up
Search Domain
Search Domian

Choose from the list the URL that you need. Be sure that you have added sufficient funds to your account.

We recommend using at least 3 short urls per campaign.

Confirm to Purchase Domain
Purchased Successfully

Since you have purchased your domain on the Gatez Portal your configuration is preset. You will need to confirm via email the domain purchase. Please check your email that you use on your Gatez account.

Click on Text to Set Up Your Shortener Redirect

Now we can focus on your campaign message. Go back to Text so that we can set up your message and add the url shortener.

Text Setting

Tick the checkbox to bring up the field to add your target (destination) URL

Place Your long Url

Choose 'Variable Data' to bring up the different variables that can be added to the message. Click on #Short Link#

NOTE: With the exception of the #Short Link# variable, variables can be synced with the data import. For example, #First Name# will add the Contact First Name that is found in your original data that has been imported to the group that you are sending to. If the first name of your contact is missing then the system cannot add the first name


The #Short Link# variable will be placed in the desired position in your campaign message. If you do not choose to add the variable to your message, the short url will be appended to the end of the message.

URL Shortener will use 28 characters. Your remaining character count will be 132.

Short Link with generated Shorten Link

Using Your Own Domain in the URL Shortener

Add your Domain
Add Existed Domain

Please just input only domain name, no sub domain, no http(s), no www. (e.g.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please make sure the domain and all subdomains will be pointed to IP address.

If you're using Namecheap, go to Advance DNS setting -> Update or add A record, Host @, Value: and update or add another A record, Host *, Value:

Click Tracking

Click Stats
Excel Sheet Record

Thanks for checking out our newest feature. If you have any questions, please contact us via chat or email.

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