SMS Lead Generation

Your business revolves around new customers and customer retention.  SMSGatez can handle all aspects of your marketing campaign.  Promote your business by collecting organic leads. Offer your customers the opportunity to opt-in during store visits, vendor events, or your website. 

Lead Generation covers all industries. Grow your business with SMSGatez SMS Texting Solutions. SMSGatez helps you build on customer relationships. Texting is Affordable and Productive. Sign Up for a Free Account Today!

SMSGATEZ Lead Generation


Personalized Messages

The past few decades have seen a growth of telemarketing with call centers hired to call on data leads. This is intrusive and harassing to most. Now comes the era of robo calling which is still seen as intrusive. Contacting your leads via Text Marketing has brought new life to Lead Generation. Personalize your campaign message with a call to action that will turn your lead into a sale.


Opt-Ins & Opt-Outs

It’s rude and desperate to reach out to someone without their permission beforehand. This not only increases the likelihood of you losing the leads for good but also violates the TCPA guidelines. SMSGatez enables you to take opt-ins or consent from your leads – letting them know that you’re a true gentleman.  

Whether you choose to use Bring Your Own Route or SIMDROID, your goal should be to prevent high opt- out rates.  Routes and Networks set filters that gauge the delivery and response of your campaign messages.  


Real-Time Reporting

Our lead generation solution enables you to track deliveries and CTR rates to help you gauge the success of your texting campaigns. Exclude leads that have successfully received your messages from subsequent campaigns so you are not running off potential customers with repeated texts.


Automation & Keywords

SMSGatez has a Set It And Forget It philosophy. Our lead generation allows you to set your own keywords to trigger your automatic responders creating conversational texts.


AutoResponder & Communicators

Set up your Auto Responders to use an assigned keyword as a call to action, whether that is as simple as Yes or No, your customer will then be added to a separate group that is assigned the specified keyword (along with common mispellings and slang). Want more control over your campaign? Try our conditional communicators. Just a sample of the strength of this feature is to remove all contacts that have responded ‘Yes’ to its individual Auto Responder and respectively ‘No’ to its own Responder Group. Customers that have not responded are also moved to a new group so that you can send them another message with the confidence that they did not respond to the campaign.


Bring Your Own Route

Bring Your Own Route allows you to integrate your current routes via API to take advantage of compliancy features that are built into SMSGatez. We offer Unlimited Keywords, Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Templates and much more.  Talk to our support specialist via chat to see how we can help you customize your campaigns.  Route Integration usually takes only 2 business days.  

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SMS Support

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Bulk Messages

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Promote your product, services and content via SMS

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Send SMS Reminders in bulk to your audience and customers

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Hiring & Staffing

Streamline and speed up the recruitment process via SMS

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Push Notifications

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What Our Clients Say


We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's



Will SMSGATEZ help me with Lead Generation?

Yes. Our cloud application is designed to facilitate lead generation and is the most cost-effective tool of communication – SMS.  Text messages have the highest open rate over email or direct mail. People are contantly on the go and spend up to 14 hours per day with their phone turned on.

Will I be able to opt-in my leads using SMSGATEZ?

Yes. You will be able to customize your account to opt-in your customers.  Customers may opt-out using carrier keyword “STOP”


Ask us about setting up your website form to automatically integrate with SMSGATEZ to opt-in your leads.

Is this SMS lead generation solution suited for marketing agencies?

Yes. Our lead generation solution is suited for marketing agencies along with SME (Small Medium Enterpise) and conglomerates operational in diverse industries. If you have questions about your business being suited for SMS Text Marketing then open a chat and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Does SMSGATEZ allow me to send messages using an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes. Our SMS platform allows you import your spreadsheet of contacts saved in the .csv format (Comma Delimited)so that you can send a campaign to a contact group. You have the option of sending with the headers of First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number or you can just import your list of Phone Numbers without the name. We offer a list of variable data options to add personal information to your campaign message. For Example #First Name# #Last Name# #Short Link# and more. 

Will SMSGATEZ improve my delivery rate?

There are many variables that determine delivery of your messages.  Quality of your data plays a large part.  If your data is genuinely opt-in data then you will may have better delivery, but this depends on the content of your message as well.  If you use a domain url in your first message then it is likely that you may find yourself getting tagged adn filtered by the networks you are sending to which in turn shows blocked messages to your phone provider if you are using an Android SIM.  If you are using BYOR, you may find a great deal of messages that have an error code of SPAM along with blocked virtual numbers. 

Will I be able to create drip SMS campaigns to nurture my leads?

Yes. Our software enables you to automatically generate a sequence of texts – facilitating lead nurturing via drip campaigns.

Is SMSGatez a web-based software or would I need additional apps to use it?

SMSGatez is a web-based solution that helps you keep your leads warm without having to rely on or download additional apps.

How do I contact SMSGATEZ if I have any queries about the software?

If you have any queries about our software, kindly fill out the form to be contacted and one of our representatives will reach out to you via phone/email/text. If you’re in dire need of assistance then you can also reach out to us right away via the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.

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