SMS Campaign Software

If you are looking for the most reactive form of marketing today, you have found it in SMSGatez Business Marketing.  Full featured toolbox of goodies that will keep you updated and ready for new innovations to get your messages delivered.  WE use Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to get iin front of carrier issues before they become a problem.

Mobile technology has become a significant part of our livelihood. Be it a small business or a conglomerate, SMS marketing campaigns are an effective way to target your customers without breaking the bank. SMSGatez has a self-serve platform that enables you to communicate with your target audience by sending personalized messages loaded with automation.

Our SMS Campaign Software Facilitates


Personalized Messaging

SMSGatez says goodbye to boring stock messaging that focuses only on blasting out SPAM and getting lower delivery rates.  Personalization gives you a higher CTR with less chance of Opt-Outs.  Our SMS campaign software enables you to customize each message to your target audience.


API Integrations

API Integration and Webhooks allow you to access core features of the SMSGATEZ Cloud enabling you to add additional functionality to your processes.  Most SaaS platforms can easily be integrated within a few minutes.  Zapier is an option for applications that do not have simple API Integrations.


SMS SpinTax

SMSGatez has introduced the spinner. This is the same technology that is used in the blogging industry integrating synomyns to add variations to messaging. Welcome to SpinTax. SpinTax is required when creating and sending campaigns on our platform keeping the messages fresh and unique. Carriers have added filters to watch for keywords, identical messaging and URLs.


SMS Autoresponder

We have to change with the times. The days of blasting out one-sided communication leaves a bad impression and may be crossing the line of legal. With our SMS campaign software, enable replies to your messages – taking customer engagement to a whole new level. Our chatbot allows you to use AI technology to respond to the texts received from recipients automatically.


SMS Shorteners

The URL Shortener helps get the best delivery possible. We encourage you to purchase multiple domaims which can be purchased on our platform by going to Easy Domains under Settings. Follow the prompts. Set up the Spinner to spin your URL similarly to spinning your message, we have the ability to spin your URLs. This ensures every message going out is unique, extending life of SIMDRIOD and BYOR numbers as well as the domains themselves!


Custom Messages

Public Service Texts

Drip Campaigns

Cart Discounts

Customer Surveys

Coupons Messages

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We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's