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SMSGatez brings compliancy to its users with features built in to the platform. Send auto responding texts to answer frequently asked questions. Send unique messages to all campaign recipients by typing just one message. Know in real time how many people clicked on their URLs they sent out via SMS. Send texts only during compliant hours to avoid any litigation.  Integrate their favorite calling system, CRM or any platform with SMS Gatez without writing code to send our SMS using your route.

Affiliate marketing is a renowned tactic adored by amateur and professional marketers alike. It’s one of the best business models to get started and build your own empire without needing investment capital. Since the key to affiliate marketing is to keep to your budget and find affordable ways to reach out to the target audience.  SMSGatez offers a cost effective solution.

What Our SMS Affiliate Marketing Software Has to Offer


Bulk SMS Campaigns

SMSGatez gives complete AUTOMATION In Bulk. Load up to 100K contacts per Import. Automatically sync to ‘variable data fields’ so its easy to create unique messages. UNLIMITED Key Words – UNLIMITED Responders – UNLIMITED Templates to make it Quick N Easy to get campaigns started. UNLIMITED Communicators to set Conditional Functions.


Drip SMS Campaigns

SMSGatez enables you to design and execute multi-layered drip campaigns – ensuring that your message gets through. Send sequential texts to your target audience – carrying the promotional messages of the affiliated products. All you have to do is specify the rules to trigger the subsequent texts – completely automated – as all things should be.


Web Traffic Campaigns

SMSGATEZ gives you the advantage to look into DELIVERY STATS and CLICK TRACKING with detailed spreadsheets. We have just introduced DEVICE DETECTION which allows you to avoid carrier bots that are set up by the carriers to give you fake clicks on links sent in campaign message. Furthermore, you can exclude the recipients representing successful message delivery from your subsequent campaigns to save credits. This feature enables you to know the stats so you are not sending customers repeated texts.


Retargeting SMS Campaigns

Retargeting is the key to maximize the returns of your affiliate marketing activities. Make them an offer they can’t refuse and hit that bull’s eye. SMSGatez enables you to add shortened URLs in your texts to offer limited-time offers and special cart discounts. Convert your engaged audience into paying customers with SMSGatez. 


SMS Personalization

SMSGatez says Goodbye to boring stock messaging that focuses only on blasting out SPAM and getting lower delivery rates. Makiing a message personal will give you a higher CTR with less chance of Opt Outs. Variable Data Links customize each message to your target audience. Save your campaign messages as a template so that you always have quick and easy access.


SMS Autoresponder

We have to change with the times. The days of blasting out one-sided communication leaves a bad impression and may be crossing the line of legal. With our SMS marketing solution, enable replies to your messages – taking customer engagement to a whole new level. Our chatbot allows you to use AI technology to respond to the texts received from recipients automatically.


Opt-Ins & Outs

Opt in is the required positive reaction that is needed from your customer in order to send that customer marketing materials. Many times this can be acquired by webform signups, newsletters, or in-store promotions requiring the customer to agree to recieve promotional marketing. When the customer no longer is interested in receiving marketing information then they are given the opportunity to OPT OUT.

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