SMS Autoresponder Software

A handy SMS marketing software to facilitate your mass outreach campaigns with hands-free experience by sending automated text messages to the engaged targeted audience.

Set it and forget it – as simple as that. Our autoresponder software serves as an optimal marketing solution to make your outreach campaigns self-sufficient. Elevate the engagement of your text marketing campaigns with a hands-free experience – enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Perks of Using Our Autoresponse Solution


Simple Setup

Unlike other SMS autoresponders in the industry, configuring our automated texting solution is much easier. To set your marketing messages on autopilot, all you have to do is activate autoresponse, define triggers, select your response template, and voila.

Hands-Free Experience

Catering to the responses of your SMS marketing campaign manually can be a tedious task. Automated features of our mass enable you to focus on the things that matter as we do the heavy lifting for you.

Lead Nurturing & Engagement

Maximize your campaign’s ROI by establishing two-way communication with your audience. Take your campaign engagement to a whole new level as our autoresponder helps you nurture leads and respond to texts received automatically.


Automation can backfire if not done right. Our SMS autoresponder software enables you to customize text templates and reach out to the right audience at the right time by defining a set of keywords to trigger an automated response.

Our Autoresponder Software FACILITATES

Drip Messages

Personalized Autoresponses

Scheduled Texts

Customer Notifications

Automated Reminders

Discounts & Loyalty Programs

How to Configure Our SMS Autoresponder

You can configure our autoresponse solution in a matter of seconds and in a few easy-to-follow steps.

Select a campaign you wish to turn autoresponder on.


Select keywords to trigger an automated response from you via our software.


Add a response copy that you wish to send. Our SpinTax tool comes in handy here.


Check the ‘URL Shortener’ if your automated response contains a link.


Select ‘Linked Group’ to add the contact to a particular group when responder triggers.


Add SMS enabled mobile numbers to receive notifications when a response is triggered.


Automated response notifications can also be set up on multiple email addresses.


Incoming webhooks can also be integrated.


pecify the forwarded message or use the inbound text copy.


Save and you’re done.

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Execute SMS Marketing campaigns seamlessly with our web-based SMS solution.

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Lead Generation

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SMS Support

Provide instant customer support with automated SMS messages

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Send mobile surveys, gather valuable data, and customer feedback

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Bulk Messages

Send personalized messages seamlessly via our bulk SMS software

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Share coupons, discount codes, and vouchers via text with your audience.

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Promote your product, services and content via SMS

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Carry out bulk registrations and onboard people seamlessly

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Send automated text messages to the engaged targeted audience.

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Affiliate Promotions

A feature packed platform for affiliate marketers to reach out to the masses

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Send SMS Reminders in bulk to your audience and customers

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Hiring & Staffing

Streamline and speed up the recruitment process via SMS

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A one-stop web-based solution to help you send SMS Campaigns.

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Advertise your product and services to the masses via SMS

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Send SMS based prompt alerts and notifications without any hassle

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Push Notifications

Send push SMS notifications hassle-free via our web-based SMS solution.

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What Our Clients Say


We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's



Will the autoresponse feature be useful for bulk SMS marketing campaigns?

Yes. SMSGatez’s autoresponse solution is very useful for bulk SMS marketing campaigns as it empowers you to establish two-way communication with your audience – scaling your campaign engagement to the next level.

Can I schedule auto-responses using your software?

Yes. SMSGatez’s autoresponse system not only enables you to send text replies automatically but also helps you schedule your responses for a period of time.

Will I be able to customize autoresponse texts using this software?

Yes. SMSGatez’s autoresponse software allows you to create personalized response templates. You can use the templates to customize your responses and send targeted messages to different segments.

Can I create and use response templates in this software?

Yes. Our autoresponse software helps you draft and use personalized templates for your mass message campaigns.

Will I be able to create drip messages via this SMS autoresponder software?

Yes. This feature enables you to generate an automated sequence to send a series of texts (drip messages) to your audience – following a subscription or completion of a specified action.

Will I be able to auto-reply messages from my computer?

Yes. You will be able to access our autoresponse solution from your computer and send text messages seamlessly.

How do I set up automatic text messaging?

Setting up an automatic text messaging campaign through SMSGatez is really easy. Please refer to the aforementioned process.

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