Bulk SMS Software

Send personalized messages seamlessly via our bulk SMS software with features like autoresponder, custom templates, DNC scrubber, and more.

With users always keeping their phones within their reach, the open rate of SMS campaigns is considerably higher compared to other counterparts. Bulk SMS campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach out to the masses without having to break the bank. SMSGatez’s bulk SMS software comes in handy when it comes to sending personalized mass messages at an extremely affordable price.

What Our Bulk SMS Software Has to Offer


SMSGatez’s bulk SMS software enables you to send personalized messages in bulk without having to draft different text copies again and again. Create personalized templates and save time incurred on drafting different messages for diverse use-cases.


SMSGatez offers complete automation and a hands-free experience while executing the bulk SMS campaigns. Our autoresponder tool facilitates users to trigger and dispatch replies automatically on the texts received from the target audience. We have a ‘Set and Forget’ philosophy. So, sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting for you.

Real-Time Tracking

Track the messages received by your outreach audience and monitor the open rates seamlessly. Gauge the success of your bulk SMS campaigns with SMSGatez’s real-time tracking. Our bulk SMS software offers end-to-end tracking for your messages dispatched to the recipients.

Easy on Wallet

SMSGatez’s bulk SMS software is one of the budget-friendly solutions that enables you to reach out to millions without having to break the bank. Our DNC scrubbing tool allows you to scrub the landline numbers and DNC lists before dispatching texts to the masses – saving you tons of money or credits.

Some Salient Features of Our Bulk SMS Software

Sim Droid

The Sim Droid feature of our bulk SMS software enables you to sync your Android device(s) with our SMS gateway and enhance SMS delivery up to 90%. SMSGatez empowers you to draft personalized mass messages seamlessly and design efficient outreach campaigns powered by an automated text response system.

URL to Text

Our bulk SMS software has a built-in URL shortener that enables you to add web links to the mass messages. Adding URLs to text enables you to bring traction to your site via mass outreach. Furthermore, this feature really comes in handy for e-commerce stores and other digital platforms to retarget cart abandons, offer discounts, giveaways coupons, proffer loyalty programs, and more.


Say goodbye to the menial task of writing thousands of bulk text messages. Our SpinTax tool automatically creates multiple drafts from a single text – saving you a lot of time and liberating you from drafting bulk messages over and over. Automate your drafting process and focus on things that matter such as campaign targeting or selection of target audience.

Bring Your Own Route

If you currently own a route provider subscription and looking for a user interface to facilitate your bulk SMS campaigns, we’ve got you covered. The Bring Your Own Route feature of our bulk SMS sender enables you to integrate APIs with our software and draft the best performing bulk SMS campaigns seamlessly.

Perks of Using Our Bulk SMS Software


Yes. SMSGatez enables you to draft and dispatch bulk text messages – facilitating users to execute SMS blast campaigns hassle-free.
Yes. You can design multi-layered bulk SMS campaigns using our software. All you have to do is specify expected keywords in replies to be received from your target audience. If a reply contains any of the specified keywords, the software will trigger a sequence of subsequent texts to be sent to recipients.
Yes. The recipients can reply back to your messages. Furthermore, SMSGatez’s autoresponder facilitates you to respond to the texts received automatically.
Yes. SMSGatez is a web-based solution to help you draft and execute bulk SMS campaigns hassle-free.
Yes. Our bulk SMS software facilitates you to take opt-ins or outs from recipients prior to executing SMS blast campaigns.
No. SMSGatez doesn’t require you to download additional apps or plugins to reach out to the masses.
To get the optimal results from our bulk SMS software, we recommend LG Rebel from Straight Talk with a Verizon SIM. Other compatible phones are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and more.
Yes. We have a team of learned customer support representatives that is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and support for the queries received.
If you have any queries regarding our bulk SMS software, feel free to contact SMSGatez to your heart’s content. There are many ways to reach out to us. You can reach out to us by filling out the form to be contacted and one of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible via phone/email/text. However, if you’re in dire need of assistance, click the chat option in the lower right corner of your screen to contact us promptly.