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If you are looking for better delivery, we suggest using ANDROID SIM. The carriers are cracking down on marketing messages and we find that sending from your mobile device can yield up to 90% delivery (depending on your data).

We take your campaigns very serious – if you are not making money then we are not making money. HASSLE FREE! Lease up to 5 (Five) Android Mobile Devices per Monthly SMSGatez Mobile SMS Subscriptions. No muss, no fuss of managing phone, updates, and maintaining a live connection so not to miss any inbox response. Perfect for anyone that is not in the US or just no time for tasks. We have you covered. We will manage a monthly subscription through our wireless provider, handle updates to the application and android device. Save time and money by using our RESPONDER methods which will save you time answering the simple day to day questions via text. We keep you in compliance by using SPINTAX CREATIVES to add unique messaging to your campaigns. We are sending up to 250 messages per hour per SIM. Choose one device or up to 5 devices per SMSGATEZ texting account.

We are credit based. A MESSAGE consists of 160 characters. 1 credit per outbound message with FREE Incoming messages. Full featured Cloud to give you flexibility to communicate with your customer while maintaining compliance. Phone lease cost has been added to the subscription cost. Each leased phone includes set up, updates, and maintenance . You will still use the Cloud to import data, send campaigns and monitor the inbox.

Hassle Free Options!  Not in the US – No problem!  We have created a custom lease program that gives you the option of sending through a SIM and we handle all the heavy stuff of maintaining phone and phone subscription, installing the Android application to sync your number to the SMSGATEZ Cloud Dashboardl.  All you have to do is import your data, create message and send.  Lease up to 5 phones per account subscription.

If you are in the US – No problem.  We can provide leased phones to synce to your account making your texting campaigns hassle free.  We also have solutions for virtual agents to run campaigns for you as well.  Be sure to ask us for more details.


Managed - Lease149.99$

50K Credits

Small Business


Managed - Lease199.99$

100K Credits

Medium Business


Managed - Lease599.99$


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Why do I need an Android Sync Leased Phone

Leasing an Android device from us means peace of mind that the device is being maintained on WIFI, charged and ready to send a campaign on your account.  Perfect for customers outside the US Market that needs the high delivery option of the Android SIM synced to the SMSGATEZ Cloud.

To get started sign up for an account. Once your account has been created on the browser then you can install the application on your android device. Click on android sync in the primary menu or use our handy QR Code to get started. For step-by-step instructions Click Here.

How many leased phones can I have on an account?

You can add as many as 5 Leased Android devices to each individual account.  You may sign up for additional accounts if you have a need for more devices to send messaging. 

Will you send me the phone to use on my account?

Phones are maintained by SMSGATEZ staff.  We do not offer the Android device to physically leave our care. 

Who has access to my leased phone?

Your leased phone will be dedicated only to your SMSGATEZ texting account.

How do I access a leased phone?

The leased device will be synced to your SMSGATEZ texting account.  You will have full access to send and receive messages that have been sent.  Depending on your goals, the phone would stay active on your account unless your subscription lapsed.

Are there limitations to the hours that I can send with the leased phone?

Leased devices are maintained on the account and will be available 24/7 allowing responses to to be sent/received.  Of course, we do not suggest sending marketing messages outside of TCPA compliant hours.  

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