Contact Scrubbing

Smart online scrubbing tools to help you comply with the ‘Telephone Consumer Protection Act’ and the updated ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ .

DNC (Do Not Call) scrubbing is a requirement if you are calling or sending out text message campaigns to your customers. SMS Gatez requires all customer scrubbing accounts to have an active SAN (Subscription Account Number) provided free from the National Do Not Call Registry (https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov/).

We offer several scrubbing options to fit your needs saving you time and money to avoid litigation, inactive/disconnected numbers, landlines and more.  

Perks of Using Contact Scrubbing


Campaign Efficiency

Scrubbing contacts is the prerequisite for designing efficient texting campaigns. The tool enables you to  pinpoint the target by filtering the landline numbers and DNC data saving you wasted bucks.



With the help of our contact scrubber, you can reach out to your opt-in contacts without breaking the bank. Scrubbing against the do not call list checker can save you a lot of credits while helping you communicate with an authentic audience. 


Compliance with DNC Regulations

As per the DNC rules, companies are prohibited from contacting consumers with contacts listed in the National DNC Registry. Our DNC scrubber helps you maintain compliance with DNC regulations by suppressing contacts that are on the ‘Do Not Call Registry’ prior to the start of the campaign. 

SMSGatez’s DNC Scrubbing Solution Helps You Get Rid Of


State DNC


Federal DNC


Serial Litigators

We can help with



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What is Do Not Call List Scrubbing?

Do Not Call List Scrubbing is the process of filtering your leads or contacts that have been listed in the National Do Not Call List Registry and other Do Not Call lists to remain compliant with the state regulations.

What to look for in a DNC scrubbing software before buying?

There are two core reasons for investing in a DNC scrubbing software or Do Not Call List Scrubber. The first is to help you design targeted outreach campaigns. The second is to help to maintain compliance with the Federal and State DNC regulations. So, these are the things to look for before buying DNC scrubbing software.

How to scrub leads against DNC or Do Not Call List?

Manually scrubbing leads against the DNC list is a tedious process. The most efficient way of scrubbing leads is to do it automatically. Hence, we recommend using DNC scrubbing software.

How often do I need to scrub my leads against the Do Not Call List?

The best practice is to scrub leads against the Do Not Call List prior to running every mass text or outreach campaign.

Do I need to scrub against the DNC List for cellphone numbers?

Yes. You need to scrub against the DNC list for cellphone numbers as the TCPA, also known as, Telephone Consumer Protection Act, prohibits companies from reaching out to consumers without their consent.

How does SMSGatez help me comply with the DNC regulations?

With SMSGatez’s DNC scrubbing software, you can automatically filter leads against the Federal Do Not Call List prior to running mass text or outreach campaigns. The tool also enables you to maintain TCPA compliance by helping you scrub leads that have not given their consent.

Will SMSGatez help me scrub landline numbers?

Yes. SMSGatez’s lead scrubbing solution automatically filters landline numbers before sending mass text campaigns – helping you save your hard-earned money.

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