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Send prompt alerts and notifications without any hassle no matter which industry you’re operational in.

Communication is the cornerstone for success in business. However, for it to be effective, a message needs to be delivered promptly and timely. Our web-based solution enables you to send timely alerts to your userbase seamlessly – be it about product updates, appointment bookings, customer queries, product development updates, educationa

Let Your Alerts & Notifications Be


Perfect solution for important updates, alerts and notifications to your customers.


Integrate via Zapier to your favorite CRM to update workforce or customers of happenings.


SMS Alerts and notifications can be recived on any SMS enabled device.

Features of Our SMS Alert /Notifications


URL Shortener

Want to embed web links or URLs in your alerts? Our SMS alerts software has a built-in URL shortener that enables you to add web content to your alerts and notifications whether they are to be sent to employees or customers.


Text Spinner

The repetitive and monotonous tone of your messages is a huge let down for the recipients. Our built-in text spinner solves this problem by allowing you to draft personalized alerts and notifications seamlessly without having to wear yourself out from


Message Delivery Report

SMSGatez allows you to track the delivery status of your alerts in real-time. This feature of our SMS alert software comes in handy when dispatching time-sensitive notifications – be it about critical support requested by a customer, an emergency alert, or a prompt action to be taken by your employees.


API Integration

If you already have an SMS subscription and just need a platform to start sending timely alerts, look no further. Unlike most of the solutions in the industry, our SMS alert software doesn’t dictate your preference for an SMS service provider. All you have to do is connect your APIs with our user interface and start sending SMS alerts hassle-free.

We can help with



Execute SMS Marketing campaigns seamlessly with our web-based SMS solution.

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Lead Generation

Reach a vast audience via efficient SMS lead generation campaigns.

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SMS Support

Provide instant customer support with automated SMS messages

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Send mobile surveys, gather valuable data, and customer feedback

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Bulk Messages

Send personalized messages seamlessly via our bulk SMS software

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Share coupons, discount codes, and vouchers via text with your audience.

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Promote your product, services and content via SMS

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Carry out bulk registrations and onboard people seamlessly

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Send automated text messages to the engaged targeted audience.

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Affiliate Promotions

A feature packed platform for affiliate marketers to reach out to the masses

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Send SMS Reminders in bulk to your audience and customers

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Hiring & Staffing

Streamline and speed up the recruitment process via SMS

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A one-stop web-based solution to help you send SMS Campaigns.

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Advertise your product and services to the masses via SMS

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Send SMS based prompt alerts and notifications without any hassle

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Push Notifications

Send push SMS notifications hassle-free via our web-based SMS solution.

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What Our Clients Say


We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's



Is SMSGatez a web-based SMS alert software?

Yes. SMSGatez is a complete web-based SMS alert software. You won’t be needing additional apps or plugins to use SMSGatez at its best.

Can I send SMS alerts in bulk using this software?

Yes. SMSGatez enables you to send SMS alerts in bulk – facilitating you to notify the masses about scheduled meetings and appointments hassle-free.

Can I filter landline numbers and DNC lists before sending SMS alerts via this software?

Yes. SMSGatez has a built-in DNC scrubbing tool that helps you filter landline numbers, contacts listed in the National Do Not Call List Registry, and numbers representing other DNC lists prior to sending SMS alerts via the software.

Can I track the delivery status of my SMS alerts?

Yes. SMSGatez allows you to track the delivery status of your SMS alerts – facilitating you to monitor the open rate of your alert messages in real-time.

Does SMSGatez have customer service?

Yes. We have a learned customer service team that facilitates technical assistance and support at the time of need.

How do I contact SMSGatez’s customer support?

To contact our support, all you have to do is fill out the form and one support team will reach out to you via phone/email/text. You can also reach out to our support team via the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.

Are there any phone recommendations to use your SMS alert software at its best?

To get the optimal results from our SMS alert software, we recommend LG Rebel from Straight Talk with a Verizon SIM. Other compatible phones are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and more.

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