Android Sync Software

Your Regular Android On Roids When Synced With SMSGatez Cloud.

Don’t want your messages to sound robotic? Send customized marketing messages in bulk from your personal Android phone and turn it into a Lead Gen Tool in sync with SMSGatez’s cloud platform.

Not everyone is comfortable using a third-party platform to send promotional messages. For some, it’s the nature of their business while others just want to add a personal touch to their campaigns. SMSGatez empowers you to connect your personal number with our cloud Cloud – enabling you to access all its features and facilitating you to design promotional campaigns the way you see fit.

What Makes Our Android Sync Software Special


Communicate Directly

Bypass the Gatekeeper.

Receiving a text directly from the owner himself/herself, amplifies the magnitude of the message enclosed. Give your leads the attention they deserve as SimDroid enables you to send promotional messages from your personal number while all the texting is done on the Cloud and you could be sitting anywhere running the text campaigns.


Maintain Confidentiality

SMS Gatez’s SimDroid (Android phone sync to Cloud) option comes in handy for entrepreneurs, consultants, advisors and other businesses where the confidentiality of leads/data is deemed sacred. Since you’re sending texts from your personal Android phone that you host yourself, the likelihood of any information leak is greatly minimized.


Campaign Customization

SIMDroid is not biased to any carrier, We support all carriers to run. This would give you the freedom of choosing the SMS routing service of your choice without having to worry about the API integration.


Personalized Templates

Designing custom promotional campaigns and sending SMS blasts from your personal number may sound fascinating but is easier said than done. With our personalized message templates, you can say goodbye to the menial process of drafting and dispatching different copies of messages to your target audience. Create a template once and use it multiple times.


Turn Data into Leads & Sales Calls

Marketers usually offer special discounts and promotions to engage stale or dormant leads and retarget the desired audience. Imagine doing it manually using your cellphone. Don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. Our built-in URL shortener and CTR (Click Through Rate) helps you bring traction to your website, offer discounts, and facilitate other marketing maneuvers.


Response Automation

Have you ever been bombarded with customer queries while you’re on a vacation? Take that much-needed break and respond to your client queries without any hassle. Set an automatic response mechanism – enabling you to send automatic replies from your number based on the selected keyword triggers.

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What Our Clients Say


We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's



What is Android Sync/SIMDroid?

SIM Droid takes your regular Android device to a new level allowing you to install a small third-party APK to your android device – enabling you to sync your tangible phone to SMSGatez’s Cloud.

To get started sign up for an account. Once your account has been created on our Cloud platorm then you can install the APK on your android device. For step-by-step instructions you can go to Getting Started (https://smsgatez.com/simdroid-tutorial/) Download the latest APK https://app.smsgatez.com/index.php/Updater/downloadGatezApp

How many devices can I add to my subscription?

With each SIM Droid monthly subscription, you can add up to 5 android SIM phones to your account. You can add multiple subscriptions to your Unlimited Account. Each phone has a cap of 250 messages per hour. If you wish to connect more devices for higher volume, please contact our customer support for assistance.

What is the limit of a single text message

A text message is limited to 160 characters (including spaces). A message over this limit, may be divided into messages of 153 characters each.

Special characters may count as 4 normal characters each.

I ran out of credits?????

If your text message was over 160 characters, it may have been broken into multiple texts. Each message of 160 characters counts as 1 credit.

Cannot register my SIM to the SMSGatez Cloud.

Please check the email address you used to sign up for your account and check the password.

My messages are not going out!

This could happen for a number of reasons

1) Any of your phones is not connected to the internet
2) Any of your phones is out of battery
3) Any of your phones has put SMSGatez to sleep
4) Any of your phones do not have a texting plans on it

If you’re still not able to pinpoint the cause of your messages not being delivered, please contact our support team

How do I know that my messages are being delivered?

Simply send a text to a mobile phone that is not on your account via the SMSGatez Cloud. If you are unsuccessful, please change the Default SMS Application back to the Native SMS Application on your mobile device and try sending a message to and from your mobile SIM.

You should be able to recieve the test message on your phone, if not you will need to replace your SIM as it is most likely blocked by your provider.

Do you allow autoresponders?
Yes. You can set up autoresponders to answer the most common questions with unlimited keywords. We encourage you to use Autorespoders and Autoreplies for better delivery.
How do I contact SMSGatez?

Simply use the chat widget on the bottom right side of your screen. Once you fill out the short form, you will be immediately connected to your support team. If you have reached us out of operating hours, we will reach out via phone/email/text the following business day. We can also be reached via email: support@smsgatez.com or by phone : (951) 777-0754

Is the APK safe? My phone has a pop-up warning.

Your android device gives this message to any third-party mobile application that you attempt to install on your device as a safeguard to prevent malware, trojans, and viruses. Our android app is free from viruses and malware. You can go to your settings and click run once to install the APK.

What are extension add-ons?

Installing extension add-ons will allow you to send messages faster – bypassing carrier limitations the provider has set on their service. There are 36 add-ons available so you could theoretically send 3600 messages per hour. Since messages do not send properly at higher speeds, we have capped the limit per device to 250 messages per hour. You would need only to install 3 add-ons to send up to 250 messages per hour although we suggest that you install 10 or more for better deliverability.

Do you have API Integration?

We have API Integration. If you need specific PARAM please contact us.

Send API url is: https://api.smsgatez.com/index.php/SendApi

We support both POST and GET

Params are: apiKey, from, to, message, showInbox=true or false (default is false)

Post back delivery receipt URL is optional if you want receive message callback status, support both POST/GET, transfer back to URL these PARAMs: from, to and status={DELIVERED, SENT, FAILED, DELIVERABLE, UNDELIVERED, REJECTED, QUEUED}

Am I only limited to using SIM Droid in the USA?

No. You can use SIM Droid in any country that has SMS enabled mobile service. Your only limitation is that you can only send to the country that your mobile device is registered in unless you have an international plan. Message & Data rates may apply.

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