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Just check out our features for compliant business marketing. If you are watching your budget, we can provide the most budget friendly options in the industry. Sign Up for a free account today and enjoy 500 free credits with SIM Droid. Unlimited Monthly Subscriptions with a full toobox of goodies for compliancy.

Advertising via SMS is one of the cost-effective methods to bring your brand into the public eye  enabling you to reach out to your customers without putting an extra burden on your wallet. SMSGatez offers a feature-rich solution to growing companies with a tight advertising budget to make their brand known to the world.

SMS Compliance Toolbox


Seamless Automation

We offer cost-effective advertising to reach out to your customer via SMS text which saves you tons of money and gets your brand advertised. Customize, Personalize and execute your campaign via our SMS advertising software. Use ‘machine learning’ to your advantage with conditional communication and unlimited keywords that trigger replies automatically.  Simple as 1-2-3!



SMSGatez says Goodbye to boring stock messaging that focuses only on blasting out SPAM and getting lower delivery rates.  Making a message personal will give you a higher CTR with less chance of Opt-Outs.  Using Variable Data Linking customizes each message to your target audience.



Set up your auto responders to use an assigned keyword as a call to action, whether that is as simple as Yes or No, your customer will then be added to a separate group that is assigned the specified keyword. Our SMS advertising software allows you to add all the variations of your call to action keyword so you do not miss any potential conversions.


DNC Scrubbing

Bringing traction to your brand by marketing it via SMS advertising software helps you go easy on your wallet. Wasting SMS credits by sending bulk messages to landline numbers kills the purpose entirely as there’s no one at the receiving end. Our DNC scrubbing tool saves the day – enabling you to filter out landline numbers from your leads before sending mass messages to the target audience. 

SMS Gatez Features

Opt-Outs & Opt-Ins

Opt in is the required positive reaction that is needed from your customer in order to send that customer marketing materials. Many times this can be acquired by webform signups, newsletters, or in-store promotions requiring the customer to agree to recieve promotional marketing. When the customer no longer is interested in receiving marketing information then they are given the opportunity to OPT OUT.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Our SMS Advertising Software gives complete AUTOMATION In Bulk. Load up to 100K contacts per Import. Automatically sync to ‘variable data fields’ so its easy to create unique messages. UNLIMITED Key Words – UNLIMITED Responders – UNLIMITED Templates to make it Quick N Easy to get campaigns started. UNLIMITED Communicators to set Conditional Functions.

Drip Campaigns

Generate a sequence of texts to be sent to your target audience seamlessly via SMSGatez’s SMS advertising solution. The keywords in the responses trigger the subsequent texts to be dispatched – it’s complete automation. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a renowned tactic used by e-commerce websites, businesses, and other online platforms to entice retracted customers. SMSGatez enables you to retarget customers by offering price cuts, discounts, and other special offers. 

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