SMS Advertising Software

A feature-packed web-based solution for businesses with a strict advertising budget to help bring their brand in the limelight.

Advertising via SMS is one of the cost-effective methods to bring your brand into the public eye – enabling you to reach out to the masses without putting an extra burden on your wallet. SMSGatez offers a feature-rich solution to growing companies with a tight advertising budget to make their brand known to the world.

Some Salient Features of Our SMS Advertising Software


Seamless Automation

Cost-effective advertising by reaching out to the masses and saving tons of money – this may sound fascinating but is easier said than done. Drafting and dispatching thousands of messages each day can be a tedious task to execute. SMSGatez offers seamless automation – empowering you to create templates that can be easily customized to fit the situation.



A monotonous or robotic tone is a huge let down for customers and a common mistake made by companies while advertising their brand. Your messages, even if sent in bulk, must have a little personal touch. Something as small as addressing a recipient by his name can take you a long way. Don’t worry! SMSGatez’s personalization feature has got you covered.



Advertising via SMS isn’t always one-sided communication. Some campaigns may require you to communicate with current or potential customers, especially the ones targeting engagement. However, responding to thousands of messages can be really exhausting. This is where SMSGatez’s autoresponder feature comes in handy.


DNC Scrubbing

Bringing traction to your brand by marketing it via SMS advertising software helps you go easy on your wallet. Wasting SMS credits by sending bulk messages to landline numbers kills the purpose entirely as there’s no one at the receiving end. Our DNC scrubbing tool saves the day – enabling you to filter out landline numbers from your leads before sending mass messages to the target audience. 

Things You Can Do Using Our SMS Advertising Software


The prerequisite of running a mass advertising campaign is to check whether or not the recipients are listed in the National DNC Registry. SMSGatez’s SMS advertising software enables you to take opt-ins from recipients prior to your SMS blast campaigns – helping you stay in compliance with the TCPA guidelines and respect your current and potential customers’ privacy.

Bulk SMS Campaigns

Using our SMS advertising software, you can design and execute bulk SMS campaigns without having to worry about drafting mass messages over and over. SMSGatez’s custom templates enable you to advertise your brand to the millions at an extremely affordable price.

Drip Campaigns

Generate a sequence of texts to be sent to your target audience seamlessly via SMSGatez’s SMS advertising solution. The keywords in the responses trigger the subsequent texts to be dispatched – it’s complete automation. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a renowned tactic used by e-commerce websites, businesses, and other online platforms to entice retracted customers. SMSGatez enables you to retarget customers by offering price cuts, discounts, and other special offers – empowering you to enclose shortened URLs in your texts.

We can help with



Execute SMS Marketing campaigns seamlessly with our web-based SMS solution.

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Lead Generation

Reach a vast audience via efficient SMS lead generation campaigns.

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SMS Support

Provide instant customer support with automated SMS messages

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Send mobile surveys, gather valuable data, and customer feedback

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Bulk Messages

Send personalized messages seamlessly via our bulk SMS software

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Share coupons, discount codes, and vouchers via text with your audience.

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Promote your product, services and content via SMS

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Carry out bulk registrations and onboard people seamlessly

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Send automated text messages to the engaged targeted audience.

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Affiliate Promotions

A feature packed platform for affiliate marketers to reach out to the masses

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Send SMS Reminders in bulk to your audience and customers

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Hiring & Staffing

Streamline and speed up the recruitment process via SMS

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A one-stop web-based solution to help you send SMS Campaigns.

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Advertise your product and services to the masses via SMS

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Send SMS based prompt alerts and notifications without any hassle

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Push Notifications

Send push SMS notifications hassle-free via our web-based SMS solution.

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What Our Clients Say


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What is SMS advertising software?

SMS advertising software is a platform that offers you a solution to advertise your products or services via text messages to go easy on your wallet.

Is SMSGatez the best bulk SMS software?

SMSGatez is surely one of the best if not the best bulk SMS software to consider for your advertising needs.

Yes. It is legal to send SMS blasts. However, you need to abide by certain carrier and legal guidelines applicable in your locality. Furthermore, it’d be better if you had taken the recipients’ consent prior to sending the SMS blast. It would be an ethical thing to do and also help you stay in compliance with the TCPA rules.

Can I send bulk text messages from my computer using SMSGatez?

Yes. You can send text messages in bulk from your computer using SMSGatez’s SMS advertising software.

Is SMSGatez a web-based SMS advertising solution?

Yes. SMSGatez is a complete web-based advertising solution that helps you advertise through SMS hassle-free. 

Do I need to download any apps or software to use SMSGatez?

No. You don’t need to download additional apps, software, or plugins to send bulk advertising messages via SMSGatez.

Are there any phone recommendations to use your SMS advertising software at its best?

To get the optimal results from our mass advertising solution, we recommend LG Rebel from Straight Talk with a Verizon SIM. Other compatible phones are Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and more.

Does SMSGatez have customer service?

Yes. We have a learned customer service team that facilitates technical assistance and support at the time of need.

How do I contact SMSGATEZ if I have any queries about the software?

If you have any queries about our SMS advertising software, kindly fill out the form to be contacted and one of our representatives will reach out to you via phone/email/text. If you’re in dire need of assistance then you can also reach out to us right away via the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.

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