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Subscription reminders, product development updates, promotions, company news, and more. Send push notifications hassle-free via our web-based SMS solution.
Push notifications come in handy when sending one-way communication messages. It’s a tactic used by companies around the globe to send reminders, promotional messages, product development updates, and action-oriented texts. SMSGatez is a web-based platform that enables users to send SMS push notifications without having to break the bank.

Why Use SMS Push Notification Software


Action-Oriented Messages

Push notifications come in handy when sending messages that require users to take certain actions. These messages are one-way and usually contain a call-to-action. Push notifications of this sort can also be a viable strategy for retargeting campaigns. Our SMS software has a built-in URL shortener tool – facilitating its users to enclose web links in the messages.

Subscription Reminders

Customers can be forgetful of the repurchases or subscription renewals. SMSGatez enables you to design multi-layered campaigns – reminding users of the subscription invoice that is to be paid. Our SMS software has a ‘Set and Forget’ philosophy. Our push notifications are automated and can be easily scheduled for delivery.

Product Development Updates

SMS push notification software also comes in handy when sending product development updates. Be it an addition of a new feature, bug fixes, scalability update, or the launch of a completely new solution to the product line, SMSGatez helps you send push messages in bulk at an affordable price hassle-free.

Company News

Sharing company news and insights on current happenings is one of the ways to keep your userbase engaged. SMSGatez enables you to send push messages containing the latest updates about the brand and share links to press releases or newsletters published.


Be it Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals, seasonal sales, or other promotions, sending push notifications via SMS is the best way to reach out to the masses without spending tons of money to bring traction to your platform. Our SMS software empowers you to create promotional campaigns for diverse target markets using personalized text templates.


Cross-selling is one of the renowned business tactics to attain growth and scalability. Our feature-packed SMS push notification software enables you to cross-sell or upsell your products seamlessly by reaching out to millions of existing users at an extremely affordable price.



Break the lock screen barrier and deliver time-sensitive messages hassle-free. Send reminders, subscription requests, and promotional push notifications via our feature-packed platform.


Save yourself from flooding your users’ inbox and from spending tons of money doing so. Design multi-layered campaigns based on real-time delivery updates.


Reach out to the masses without having to break the bank or relying on extra tools. Send SMS push notifications seamlessly via our software as we support all leading networks and devices.

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Push Notifications

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What Our Clients Say


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What is the difference between notifications and push notifications?

The core difference between a standard notification and a push notification is that push notifications are used by businesses to grasp users’ attention and bring traction to their platform. Push notifications are also preferred by companies to deliver time-sensitive or promotional messages. Push notifications are more likely to pop on a user’s mobile screen whether the device is in use or locked.

Should you use push notifications?

Yes. Push notifications are a great tactic to promote limited-time deals, seasonal offers, and products on sale. Push notifications are also used by companies to share updates, new product developments, and company news to help users stay connected with the current happenings.

Why Use Push Notifications?

Most users give opt-ins for receiving push notifications at the time of subscribing to a product/service or downloading an app. Push notifications are a great tactic to retarget your audience and churned users. Push notifications break the barrier of a lock screen and deliver your message to the target audience.

Can I get into trouble for sending push notifications?

No. You won’t get into trouble for sending push notifications. As a matter of fact, most users don’t mind receiving push notifications from companies to stay connected with the current happenings and get to know about seasonal discounts and limited-time deals. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with these notifications.

Can I send push notifications using your SMS software?

Yes. SMSGatez enables you to send push notifications via SMS to help you reach out to the masses at an affordable price.

Will your SMS software help me track the open rate of my push notifications?

Yes. SMSGatez gives you real-time tracking of your SMS notifications and enables you to monitor the open rate of your messages.

Can I filter landline numbers before sending SMS push notifications through your software?

Yes. SMSGatez has a DNC scrubber that enables you to filter out landline numbers and other contacts registered in the National DNC lists before sending push notification messages.

Does SMSGatez have customer service?

Yes. We have a learned customer service team that facilitates technical assistance and support at the time of need.

How do I contact your customer support?

To contact our support, all you have to do is fill out the form and one support team will reach out to you via phone/email/text. You can also reach out to our support team via the chat feature in the lower right corner of your screen.

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