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Looking for a Business SMS Solution? Take personalization up a notch with our smart AI Based 2-way Texting service for seamless customer and staff communications.

An Affordable Multi Optional Texting Solution

Effortless customer and staff communication made possible. SMSReady is a smart and convenient SMS solution that enables small to large businesses to send custom messages and alerts to recipients or to design structured (Drip) campaigns with ease without having to break the bank.


Why Choose SMSReady


Lightning Fast Delivery

Ensure real-time message delivery to staff & customers.


Hands-Free Instant

Send responses to received messages automatically.


Global Service Coverage

Send messages to anywhere from anywhere with ease.

Our SIMDroid Subscription Plans

Subscription SMS Subscription/ pricing Signup
1,000,000 1000 Signup
500,000 750 Signup
250,000 425 Signup
100,000 180 Signup
50,000 100 Signup
25,000 60 Signup

One-Stop Multi Optional SMS Texting Platform


Outreach Campaigns

Design structured marketing campaigns and reach out to customers hassle-free. SMS Ready enables you to send personalized messages to current & potential customers for promotions or to build lasting relationships.


Staff Communications

Ensure effortless staff communications with SMSReady. Share useful information, customer insights, updates, and recommendations. Elevate productivity by multiple folds by helping your staff stay connected and perform well.


Customer Engagement

Stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged at all times. Share updates and recommendations based on their preferences and facilitate them with a seamless and personalized buying experience.


Feedback & Surveys

Reach out to your customers and ask them for their feedback to improve your products and/or services. Conduct market surveys to know industry insights and best practices. SMSReady makes it all conveniently possible.


Customer Support

Address the queries and concerns of your customers effortlessly. SMSReady empowers you to facilitate your customers with a support option via text without having to rely on additional staff or invest in hardware.



Responding to all the messages received from staff and customers can be really tiresome. SMSReady gives users a hands-free experience – enabling them to send responses to the received messages automatically using the autoresponder feature.

Our SIMDroid Subscription Plans

Subscription SMS Subscription/ pricing Signup
1,000,000 1000 Signup
500,000 750 Signup
250,000 425 Signup
100,000 180 Signup
50,000 100 Signup
25,000 60 Signup

Our SMS Gateway Service Facilitates You With


DNC Scrubbing

DNC scrubbing on SMS Ready is mandatory and is a paid service. Customers have to pay for it separately.


Maintenance & Support

SMSReady facilitates you with customer support and maintenance – ensuring glitch-free communications


Enterprise-Grade Security

SMSReady facilitates you with enterprise-grade security to ensure privacy and confidentiality of your contacts’ information and business data


GDPR Compliance

SMSReady is a GDPR compliant SMS Gateway Provider with data compliant policies to maintain users’ and recipients’ privacy.

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What Our Clients Say


We integrate with all your favorite SMS Services & API's



What is an SMS Ready?

SMS Ready is a self-serve third party business texting option on SMS Gatez’s platform used for communicating with a large audience with convenience. It’s best suited for businesses that do not want to invest in hardware like mobile phones for sending messages to their customers and staff.

Do recipients receive messages sent via SMS Ready on their mobile?

Yes. An SMS sent via SMS Ready is received by the recipients on their respective mobile phones.

How much does an SMS Ready Option cost?

Texting plans on SMS Ready come at different costs as per the based on no of texting credits purchased. Check out the subscription plans for SMSReady here.

How can an SMS Ready be of use to businesses?

There are multiple uses of an SMS Ready for businesses. The service can be used for conducting surveys, nurturing leads, engaging customers, sharing updates, carrying out outreach campaigns, providing customer support, getting feedback from customers, staff communications, and more

When can I renew my SMS Gatez subscription for SMSReady?

SMSReady is a monthly subscription option, so, subscriptions will renew on the monthly basis.

Will my SMS credits be carried forward if I don’t use them?

Any unused SMS credits allocated to a subscription for SMSReady will not carry forward to next month if not used, they will simply expire.

What happens when my number is blocked?

In case a number allotted to you by SMSReady is blocked, it can be replaced by a new number by simply making payment for a new number. Phone number cost does not carry forward to next month if it was not used. The number is to be resubscribed each month.

Would I be able to blast URLs via messages?

SMS Gatez discourages sending urls out in campaign messages. Doing so will get your numbers blocked. SMS Gatez discourages sending urls out in campaign messages. Doing so will get your numbers blocked. However, the URLs can be sent out via message responders.

Can I get my desired area code numbers?

Yes. You can get your desired area code numbers, each random area code number costs $70 per month and each desired area code number costs $100 per month in addition to the subscription cost.