The Best SMS Marketing Tips for Real Estate

For many curious realtors, SMS marketing is a blurry concept. But the smart realtor knows how helpful it is. If you’re looking to boost your visibility and improve lead conversion, then it’s time to learn some SMS marketing tips for real estate!

SMS marketing is an increasingly helpful tool for many industries. Since access to phones is higher than it’s ever been, reaching your leads is a lot easier than relying on digital channels.

The Right Tools for the Trade

What you need most, is an app that supports proper SMS campaign planning and management. This means that you need to be informed on the most important qualities an SMS app needs to have:

  • Features that keep messages secure
  • Reporting tools that provide helpful data and insights
  • The ability to draft unique and personalized texts
  • Sending a large volume of texts to catch all possible leads
  • Scalability so that your marketing campaigns aren’t stifled by logistical issues

You need to do your due diligence and explore your options. There are many subpar apps that will compromise your productivity. So with the above points in mind, you can look into things as an informed customer.

As a starting point, you can look into SMSGatez, since it provides all the features specified above. In addition to that, it supports surveys and allows for a lot of personalization. Best of all, it has unlimited contacts and keywords which makes it easy to manage any volume of messages.

Identify Your Demographics

Real estate needs to be flexible and adapt to the socioeconomic reality around them. You need to maintain a clear idea of who you want to appeal to and how you can secure their demand.

Some of the most integral details to keep in mind are:

  • Age bracket
  • Income bracket
  • Location priority
  • Most likely preferences

To elaborate, if you live in an area with a lot of married senior citizens then it stands to reason that they’ll likely have a decent budget, an older age, prioritizing safe and quiet areas, along with a preference of being near a hospital or doctor.

Things would look different if your area consists of another group or a mix of other groups. So be sure to clearly spot relevant characteristics of whoever lives in your area of operations.

With clear information like this, you can easily design your SMS campaigns in order to cater to the specific demands of your desired clients.

Make Sure Every Text is Replied to

Availability is a huge asset in the world of real estate. Sometimes the only difference between successful and unsuccessful conversion is an agent that fails to reply in a timely fashion.

You should be sure to set up a chatbot or any other kind of auto-response so that the lead is pursued. This is best achieved through the use of keyword triggers, so if you receive any messages that contain the word “rent” then the app can reply on your behalf.

By regularly tweaking your auto-replies, you could efficiently provide quick and helpful responses to everyone that engages with your SMS campaigns. As real estate is a field that heavily relies on CRM, auto-replies will save you a lot of hassle without taking away your time.

While some cases will still require live conversations, you can cut down on a lot of clutter by selectively replying yourself. 

Promotion and Opt-in Keywords

So, as mentioned above you can use keyword triggers to set up automatic replies. Another helpful aspect of this is keeping track of interested parties.

This is where opt-in keywords are a game-changer. For every listing, open house, or tour that you have scheduled, simply set up a keyword that allows people to express interest.

Taking care of two birds with one stone, you get to promote any property you’re working on while also receiving a record of how many people are interested.

This has the added benefit of preventing any conflicting appointments as you have a clear idea of how many people plan on attending and can keep things streamlined.

The convenience factor can’t be overstated as promoting opportunities for potential leads alongside opt-ins keeps your property active.

Mind Your Manners

Since you have to develop good ties with all your leads, it’s very important to personalize the way in which you present yourself.

Every message needs to maintain a professional but personable tone. You need to go the extra mile and make sure you always greet the recipient before you get into anything else.

On top of that, when engaged in a 2-way conversation you should always send a meaningful response that attempts to inform or assist the recipient in some way. This of course means that you can’t send a one-word reply or skimp out on proper punctuation.

A good solution for this is to maintain some templates for easy referencing and combine them with the use of an app like SMSGatez so that it can personalize them accordingly.

Space Out Your Messages

While there are reliable results for the effectiveness of SMS marketing for realtors, in particular, you can’t overwhelm potential leads with constant updates.

Define a clear schedule for the messages to roll out, and make sure that you’re not sending one practically every day. Make sure the time is also a convenient one because too early or too late tends to alienate recipients.

So send out your initial message asking people to opt-in for more updates and then message those people around 4 pm with 1 or 2 messages per week. This totals up to 4-5 messages in a month. 

You can experiment with sending larger volumes but that’s only advisable for research purposes and not as a long-term goal or plan.

Monitor Your Data

Since analytics and insights are essential to any kind of marketing, this is one of the main features mentioned in the first tip. So remember, there needs to be robust reporting built into the app you choose.

For the most optimal results, you’ll regularly need to consult that data to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, some things can slip our minds which is why this is an important point to make note of.

When you choose a service like SMSGatez, some of the helpful insights you can get are:

  • Delivery success rates
  • Device detection
  • The CTR
  • Insights collected in spreadsheet format

Largely the main performance metrics you need to look at are click-through rate (CTR) and delivery success rates.

This provides relevant data for determining how many of your leads are actually receiving the messages and of those who are, to what extent are they engaging with them.

In Summation

To sum things up, SMS marketing provides real estate agents with a great way to grow potential leads. With affordable solutions easily found on the market, there’s no reason to avoid jumping in.

Now that the average person spends most of their time on their phone, it’s arguably the easiest way to bring something to someone’s attention. 

These tips break down the best way to go about developing your real estate SMS campaigns, by focusing on the most useful tips that you can begin working on, even if you’re a complete beginner.

All that’s left now is to get started!

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