Keywords and Responders

Set It and Forget It!

“Set it and Forget it”, “But wait, there's more”, “Now how much would you pay?

Set it and forget it!  We have long heard this phrase used with kitchen gadgets and late night infomercials to make your life easier.  Well I am here to tell you that we can do that for your business.  Gatez has the solution to make your campaigns self sufficient and hands free giving you time to focus on other aspects of your business.  Whether you are a mom and pop shop, sales pro, event planner or marketer, we have solutions to make your business grow.

What are Keywords and Responders?

Keywords used with your responders make your campaign conversational.  This allows you to build a relationship with your customers. Create an Opt In list so customers can subscribe for special offers and deals you are promoting or set up a keyword to guide your customer to a call to action.

 An example can be as simple as creating a campaign and using the keyword "more info"  When your recipient responds back with more info, they trigger the response that can either give more information or a URL.

New Responder

Create Your New Responder

Edit new Reply

Campaign From Number

Unlimited Responder Keywords

Add Your Responder message here. Ideally you should spin it. This is the message that goes out to your contact each time the appropriate KEYWORD is triggered.

Link Group

When Linked Group is selected the contact will be added to the linked group when responder trigger

Add your SMS Enabled Mobile Number to receive an SMS notification when a response is triggered. Add addidtional SMS numbers by adding a comma between numbers.

Add Your Email Address to receive an email notification when a response is triggered. Add additional email addresses by adding a comma between addresses.

Forwarded Message is the message that is forwarded with specific groups, if left empty then the inbound message will be used.

Simple or Complex -- You Choose

Gatez gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to structure your marketing campaign. Simple responder campaigns can be a single keyword response that will send a URL to the contact for lead generation. This is smart because when the contact sends the keyword back then the contact is moved to a new group and therefore can be either set up for a followup response or a call back depending on your strategy.

If you are looking for more complexity or if you have multiple responses needed, there is unlimited responders and keywords.

Integrate to your favorite platforms using API